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Flexible Macro Approach

Tracking your calories, we can see trends - trends are significant because they will allow us to see what we need to improve and learn. 

Protein = Are you eating enough?

Carbs = Are you eating complex or simple carbs?

Fats = Are you hitting your required amount?

Calories = What is the macro percentage broken down?

Are you overeating on the weekend and need more during the week? We follow and observe trends to set ourselves up for success the following week. 

Fitness App

Weekly Tasks = Develop the essential habits for success 

Weekly Masterclass= Learn, so you will NEVER go backwards, only forward

Calorie Trend Tracking = Learn for your future self

Workout Videos, Steps, Sleep & Nutrition In-app

Compliance and Motivation

Know when you hit a Personal Best in Fitness & Nutrition 

Understand how you can be more successful at home and work

Understand yourself better than ever before

Learn to seek action over motivation 


Personalised Exercise Program

Everyone is different, so they shouldn’t get the same program 

- Work with you to design a fun but challenging workout.

- Includes Progression Overload & Strength Building

- Teach you the proper technique for you to understand movement 

- Learn different ways of programming

- Learn gym phases and gym talk

Weekly Video Check-ins

Done with everything you have completed in front of us through Loom

Phone/ Video Call Check at six weeks 

Always a phone call away for support or some tough love. 

Judge Free Support

I’ve been in your position and understand the struggle of looking for motivation, looking for support and being so lost that I wanted to give up. 

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This will be the best decision for 2023!
Message "I NEED THIS" and we will begin your
journey to CHANGE YOUR LIFE! 

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