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Macro Calculator

This calculates your estimated daily caloric needs and macro goals. 
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Lose the tire around your Waist – without strict diets .
Macros, Shopping List, Meal Plan and Habit Building. All in one. 

Knowing where to start is hard, but knowing what to do next can be even more challenging.

I’ve built this tool to give you some answers to the above and let you start to open up to the possibility of you getting the dream body you want. It will take work, but your dreams are achievable with some guidance and proven strategy.

We will cover the science behind what you’re eating, and with this, in mind, it will be easy to commit to a healthy nutrition regime. You can have the freedom to enjoy yummy snacks without feeling guilty by following a macro-based diet.

By the end of this tool, you’ll understand what it takes to get yourself back on track with confidence in knowing the next steps I recommend.

Look out for tips throughout your reading. These will be things I highly recommend you implement into your lifestyle.

-Coach Johnathan

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